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24 July 1901
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I was born in California. I moved to Arkansas when I was about eight years old. After that I moved back and forth through Arkansas, Texas, Central Mexico (Guadalajara), Baja California (Ensenada), Michigan, Missouri and then back to California in 1984. I stayed in California until 2002. I moved to Hawaii stayed there a while, moved to San Francisco and then back to Anaheim and now I live in San Diego.

I'm a marketing direction and in my spare time, I'm a graphic designer and I sell vacation activities online. I participate in Adobe Photoshop image alteration contests on Fark.com. I'm a member of Mensa. I'm not posting that to brag but to allow other Mensans to find me. I study Krav Maga (an Israeli form of self defense), I like to ride my petal bike and travel when lucky enough to do so.

Things I've done in the past: Worked for the Welfare Department, worked with government programs that help elderly and/or mentally challenged people, studied/did cartoon voices/voiceovers, worked in the blueberry fields of Michigan, sold comic books, beta tested games for Interplay, Turbine and Cryptic Studios, chopped cotton in the fields of Arkansas.

People think I'm either Hawaiian, Russian, Australian, Cuban, Mexican (somewhat right), Czech or German. I'm actually Aztec, Mayan, Commanche, Cherokee, Black, Spainard and Dutch.